We are currently reposting inventory due to the Crafters Marketplace Craft Fair event in Ada, OK. We should have a new inventory up for the Christmas season in a few days. If you are interested in a custom made item, feel free to email us and we will get to your request as soon as possible. All items ordered by December 15 will be made a shipped by December 16 to ensure delivery by Christmas.

Dragon's Lair - Chess Board

The Purple Dragon Matron is protecting her eggs. Will you battle in a friendly game of chess to defeat her and destroy the eggs before they hatch? Or will you side with her and help protect her and hers earning her favor?

This chess board measures 11 by 11 inches and around 5 inches tall. The base of the board is made of wood. All miniatures are printed in resin, painted, and clear coated. The pebble flooring is imprinted and hardened clay covered in real moss. The chess board itself is glass and both sets are printed in resin, painted, and clear coated.

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Pharaoh's Curse - Chess Board

This chess board measures 11 by 11 inches and around 5 inches tall. The base of the board is made of wood. All miniatures are printed in resin, painted, and clear coated. Epoxy and sand were mixed to create the foundation sealed in clear coat to harden. The pyramid and sphinx are made with PLA filament. The chess board itself is glass and both sets are printed in resin, painted, and clear coated.

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CUSTOMIZATION Chessboards can be customized and resized. Here are a few of the themes we can currently build:
Elvish : Greek Mythology : Sewer/Undercity : Egyptian : Dragon : Pirate : Gladiator : Angels : Demon : Goblin : Vampire : Crusaders : ... And More (link)

Customization options include either one or two theme selections for the pieces and a single theme for the scene (of one of the sets). Color choices, sizes, etc can also be customized. Click for more information and to order (link).

Our extremely popular Dragon Eggs are ready for a new home to look after until they hatch!

All Dragon Eggs are made using two stage epoxy color tinted using micah powder and alcohol ink. The base will light up in a single color, powered by USB, with a power switch. A scene is created using moss and resin crystals. All eggs will come with an introduction letter naming the dragon, the parents, and the realm they venture from.

Colors, names, and style are customizable or you can check out our current egg nursery.

Visit the Egg Nursery         Create an Egg

If Chess Boards and Dragon Eggs don't catch your eye, maybe one of our other creations might.

Our product lineup includes several different items.

Leather Journals

Wooden Game Boards

Ammo Boxes

City Maps


Coasters (Cork/Slate/Wood)

Cutting Boards



Laser Etching

FoxAlien 5w; 20w; 40w; xTool M1 10w

We use a modified FoxAlien 20w or 40w blue diode laser to etch, burn, and/or cut out our creations. Our designs are completed in Adobe Photoshop and/or LightBurn prior to executing the cuts.


FoxAlien 300w Masuter; Cricut Maker 3; xTool M1

We use the FoxAlien Masuter with 300w Spindle to create many of our wooden creations. Our designs are completed in Adobe Photoshop and/or Carveco CNC tool prior to executing the cuts.

Resin Minatures

ANYCUBIC Mono Photon X

All our resin models are made using our Mono Photon X (4k) resin printers.

3D Filament Printing

Creative Ender 3

All our filament models are made using the Creative Ender 3 filament printer.

If you are looking to print prototypes of your own STL files, we are able to print and cure most resin and pla built models.


We primarily use FoxAlien Laser and CNC machines when we are engraving or cutting our creations.
Our first and last laser/cnc machine has always been a FoxAlien device. Since then we have tried other brands but we always have gone back to FoxAlien. We have 3 laser engravers from a 5w to handle the simple small jobs to a 20w to handle some of those in the middle, leather and wood jobs to the heavy hitter, the 40w to handle the tough glass and steel engraving jobs. We also have the laser rotary roller to engrave glass cups, mugs, or anything that would need to spin.

All resin and filament prints are made with our machines by Anycubic.
There is no in-between and although we have tried other brands, I absolutely love our Anycubic Mono machines. We currently have two machines which run anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours a day.

Although everyone may have personal preferences, some machines may take extra editing and configuring by the user, and some machines require a lot more patience than others; if I were to recommend any machine for a beginner to the more advanced, I would recommend FoxAlien and Anycubic.


Materials We Use

Cut and Engrave

Most Woods

Engrave Only

Stainless Steel

Model Printing

Photopolymer Resin
PLA 3D Printer Filament
Programs We Use

For most of our images, we use Adobe Photoshop, Mesh Mixer, Affinity Designer, or Inkscape to generate or conform our images for use to engrave or cut. All engravings are done using LightBurn while we use Carveco to generate and complete our CNC creations. All programs are licensed for use by Zimm's Creations.
Estimated Time to Completion

All project timelines vary. We will try our best to estimate the total time it will take to complete and will relay any delays to you through email.

Currently, all transactions through our website will be done through Etsy or through Square.

Custom Order transactions will be completed through Square, Venmo, or Cash-App.

Custom Order payments are required in full at time of order for production to begin. Pictures will be provided during production via email. If your product is being mailed, refunds will only be available for 24 hours following tracking confirming delivery. Please reach out to us as soon as possible if there is an issue with your custom order.

Due to the hand crafted nature of our products, refunds are not available unless otherwise stated or agreed upon prior to production beginning. If you are unsatisfied with your custom creation, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

All Products are Physical and can either be purchased through our online store (here, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace) and mailed to your address or purchased and picked up during one of our events.

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